We operate regular transfer shuttles to Budapest and Debrecen Airport from Satu Mare and Baia Mare regardless of circumstances every day.

  • 2 daily shuttles from Satu Mare and Baia Mare to Budapest Airport / Bus Station Nepliget / Keleti
  • 1 special night shuttle departing from Budapest Airport at 23.50 hours to Satu Mare and Baia Mare
  • 2 daily transfer shuttles from Budapest Keleti - Nepliget - Airport to Satu Mare and Baia Mare
  • 2 daily transfer shuttles from Baia Mare, Satu Mare to Debrecen Airport
  • 2 daily transfer shuttles from Debrecen Airport to Satu Mare and Baia Mare

1. Bus and van fleet

  • we use only new / last generation vehicules
  • duration of use is only up to, and no more than 4 years
  • well-known models: Renault Trafic, Opel Vivaro, Mercedes Sprinter
  • free WiFi on-board 

2. Safety and Comfort

  • 2 drivers on the transfer shuttles to Budapest (18+2 place buses) 
  • qualified professional drivers with more then 10 years of experience on our routes
  • air conditioning during the hot summer days and auxiliary heating during the winter
  • individually adjustable seats
  • keep the cleanliness and appearance both inside and outside of our vehicules
  • to maintain optimum travel and transport conditions we reserve the right to select our clientele

Fast and comfortable every day and every time to the destination as scheduled.

4. Professionals

  • licensed international transport to Budapest
  • small delays are possible only because of particular customs checks, traffic or extreme weather conditions
  • ticketing for all our travelers (rapid return feature)

5. Fix Program - we depart every day at the same times as scheduled.

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