Transfer Shuttle Baia Mare - Satu Mare Debrecen Airport

We offer trasfer services / regular shuttles from Baia Mare, Satu Mare for tourists, delegates, and passengers who are travelling to Debrecen or other destinations with departure from Debrecen International Airport.

The transfer shuttle schedule to / from Debrecen is synchronized with takeoffs and landings at the airport.

Small delays are possible only because of particular customs checks, traffic or extreme weather conditions.

Departing points:

  • Baia Mare - Maramures Store Parking (McDonalds)
  • Seini - Central Parking
  • Livada - Central Parking
  • From home / adress in Satu Mare
  • Carei - BRD parking lot, for travel within the zone
  • Debrecen Airport Terminal, Train Station, and City Center

Ticket prices:

  • Baia Mare - Debrecen: 100 lei or 23 euro
  • Satu Mare - Debrecen: 70 lei or 16 euro

Further information and booking by phone: +40.749.268.676; +40.722.415.187.

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